Lorella Zanardo
Lorella Zanardo is an activist for human rights and social justice. She has co-directed the documentary “Il Corpo delle Donne” (“The Body of Women”), which has been watched online by millions of people, and is co-author of a book of the same name; the project has initiated an important reflection on the representation of women in the media. Zanardo is President of “Nuovi Occhi per i Media” (“New Eyes for the Media”) Association, offering educational programs on image and media culture as tools to reclaim active citizenship, which have been attended by thousands of high school students. Speaker, lecturer, writer, she is author and director of the theatre performance “Schermi” (“Screens”), a piece on the importance of media education as a tool for active citizenship. She has been member of the Chamber Study Commission for the drafting of the Internet Bill of Rights. A Diversity Management and Female Leadership consultant, she has previously held senior positions in major international organizations. She is a member of WIN advisory board, an international organization of female professionals based in Oslo. For her contribution to the progress of women, she has received numerous awards: particularly, TIAW - World of Difference Award, Washington, has acknowledged the effectiveness of her actions for the cultural advancement of women in her country.


Cesare Cantù
Cesare Cantù is an author, lecturer and director. He has worked in television, advertising and documentary. A graduate in philosophy, he has studied the main research questions in film aesthetics and since 2000 he has been professor of Audiovisual Languages and Media Theory and Technique for professional training. Since 2009 he has been particularly involved in projects on media education and has created with Lorella Zanardo “Nuovi Occhi per i Media” (“New Eyes for the Media”): developing innovative learning techniques for digital citizenship. He's the author of the “Schermi. Se li conosci non li eviti”, a book on media literacy.